Timeless Glass from Saint-Gobain
Glassy animation - the Timeless Glass
Creating the “Timeless” advertisement was quite a challenge for us! We decided to use advanced 3D techniques to present glass in an even more authentic and amazing way. Depicting glass in animation can be difficult, especially in the case of products with a crystal-clear structure. But despite everything, we managed to achieve great visual effects, combined with top-quality sound. For sound design, we hired Sławomir Jelonek – a musician and artist, who has never let us down. Thanks to this, our advertisement became even more spectacular and engaging.
Scope of work | 05
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Concept
  • Interior

We combined live footage with 3d-generated material, allowing for greater authenticity and dynamism. Such solutions we use often in our animations, as they give us more freedom in the process of creation.

Saint Gobain’s “Timeless” glass is absolutely unique – its high quality is the result of innovative production technologies. In our advertisement, we wanted to showcase all the advantages of this product and demonstrate how beautiful and functional glass can be. We are proud of the effects of our work and we hope that this advertisement will make an impression on the viewers and capture their attention.

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